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The Houston real estate market is hot, but knowing when to buy, flip, lease, and sell can make all the difference in your financial portfolio. The Bortoni Real Estate Team helps investors find the right houses and properties for investment purposes. With Bortoni Properties at your side, you will make an intelligent and strategic investment decision.

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When it comes to investing in real estate, knowing the market is crucial. Bortoni Properties has intimate insight into the ever-expanding EADO and surrounding Inner Loop areas to help you make the right choice with your investment.


Having completed more than $14 Million
in transactions in 2020, Bortoni Properties knows the way around Houston real estate. With experience and know-how to back your investment, you'll be confident in your investment decisions.


If you’re interested in becoming a landlord, the Bortoni Properties Team can help you make the right choices to see a return on your investment. Bortoni Properties is happy to guide clients through a smooth and successful process.

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The Houston real estate market rises and falls due to several factors. When purchasing an investment property, you need the right team to navigate the fluctuations in the market to know when it is in your best interest to buy, sell, flip, or lease.

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Investing in real estate differs from buying a personal home in a number of different ways. When you have Bortoni Properties to guide you through the process, you can be confident in your investment choices.